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Hey man,i am Jojo,23 age,172D,I am come from Chengdu city,Qingdao is the city before I love the most, I especially love any city with the sea, I love wearing a white dress in the dance, I love with a headset for a walk on the beach, this is me, a color is not like fireworks,if u like,pls let me know.thx.


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Hey guys,i am Nara,21 age,169D,i am come from Nantong city,i study at college,Is now a sophomore student, I usually love sports, especially a unique hobby of badminton, and I love running, insisted on a daily exercise, let me have a good mental state, if you have feelings for me, please let me know,thx.


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Hey guy,i am Daisy,27 age,173E,i am come from Dalian city,Behind the sexy tattoo, a piece of Scripture that cannot be opened, is the secret of seduction or the book of love? Engraved on the wheat skin, a few strands of sweat soaked in front of her, eager to tear her gray vest, always obsessed with her curves.pls call me.


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Hello gentleman,i am Marry,23 age,168D,i am come from Zhengzhou city,Her rosy cheeks are smiling, with words not spit, eyes like water, the Ao smart state quite summon spirits. People have dreamed of. Simple and clear, beautiful, elegant and refined. Whether it is a pink skirt or black body sexy clothing, delicate tactful occasion, beauty can not be in the side.pls call me.


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Hey guys,i am Able,22 age,171D,i am come from Chengdu city,The full moon night, a meteor seduce, screaming through the long night, revealed her perfume range, tattoo fixed in the blind spot of love. The last time we saw her, that pure appearance is still not dispersed in my mind, this time, her gorgeous transformation, the perfect upgrade from a young woman full of sexy little woman,pls call me.


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Hello man,i am Chris,23 age,168E,i am come from Nanjing city,Lace mask live soft skin, but vaguely revealed the desire of the curve. The golden bikinis flashing, like the devil’s eyes, let the eyes shining golden light on the stagnation in this. Doodle pink lips like cherry, sweet and endless yearning.pls call me.


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Hey guys,i am Cheryl,22 age,170D,i am come from Suzhou city,I love the temptation, Guaiqiao keren. She can accompany you to play your love, I love her very innocent after bath. Magic is our big baby Jin Xin once meet all your wishes, the perfect custom lover, tall Russian Alice nose, lip seems to be the most delicious kiss a kiss,pls call me.


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Hey guys,i am Jessica,22 age,171D,i am come from chengdu city,Are you ready for that? Let Wang Ying’s strongest chest is a rushing attack! Enchanting Black Leather does not wrap it all in good shape, how can you let go grey Siamese bikinis.pls call me.


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